Remote Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

In today scenario, there is an increasing number of senior citizens and chronic medical conditions and there is also a heavy shortage of skilled medical staff. This has enabled a strong demand for remote health and remote monitoring services across the globe. To put it differently, all the patient insight is lost the moment the patient leaves the hospital. The visibility of the new condition surfaces only after a patient re-visits the hospital again. In some cases in a worse condition that could have been avoided with monitoring and timely care.

The growing adoption of mobile technologies, smartphones and WIFI powered medical devices that monitors basic vitals have empowered to gain a valuable insight on the real-time health of at-risk or chronic patients. By analyzing the collected data, provides can minimize the re-admission costs and improve clinical outcomes.

Promantra offers a full range of Remote Monitoring Services using sophisticated technologies that collect patient data on a real-time basis. This data is monitored by the in-house team of Skilled Doctors who would alert the patient, the near and dear family member or the connected hospital in case of deviation in patient vital. This enables timely treatment and there this could avoid a much worse situation. Promantra's Remote Monitoring Services include a breadth of services and secured functionalities and useful remote monitoring services.

Below are some of data that is collected through a remote device that talks to out platform through WIFI or a basic smart phone:

Below are some of the benefits of Remote Monitoring services offered by Promantra:

Why Remote Monitoring is so important:

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