Take Pride in Joining Hands with the world Leader!

Gone are the days when growth was attributed to expanded infrastructure and head count. An explosion of ideas, ideas which form the corner stone of an organizations’ thriving capacity is the name of the game these days

A well knit team, powerful solutions driven by powerful thoughts, implementation of best practices and a charismatic leadership team is something which makes this organization fight the odds in this world of immense competition.

In recognition of the unending urge to innovate and redefine working practices, this 400 strong group of intellectuals have put their brain cells to work, this has found Promantra a place among the TOP 100 IT Innovators and guess what, this is a NASCOMM release!

Our customer-centric work principles, continuous improvement of current working practices and a 360 degree knowledge of the business domain, helps Promantra be the light house for most organization looking for a partner to take their business to greater heights.

Promantra in top 100 innovators.pdf

Promantra make's it into Global Services Top 100

The formula behind any successful enterprise is the way the business is managed through three crucial phases –

1. Arrive, when you launch products and Services into the market

2. Survive, when you battle it out amidst tight competition and growing customer needs

3. Thrive, when your products and services find a place in the list of wants of the end customer.

The fight for supremacy starts here, and if Promantra has earned itself a place amongst the Global services 100, 3 times consecutively, the first time in it's first year of inception itself, it indeed is charting a historical growth. This scintillating feature is a result of unending innovation, research and implementation of best practices and of course a logical threading of 400 intellects!

As an employee or a client you should be proud to be associated with this organization which is setting the base for a new era in Healthcare outsourcing, the Promantra Era!