AcutePro PMS is an all in one solution designed specifically for the small to midsize hospitals and physicians. All data flows easily and automatically to other parts of the patient's chart including billing and electronic medical records (EMR) for physicians and hospitals.

AcutePro comes with preloaded settings for over 20 specialties including frequently used menus, ICD codes, CPT codes scheduling templates system settings

Below are some of the features of AcutePro PMS that makes it the most apt billing and EMR solution for small to mid-sized healthcare practices like hospitals and physicians:

  • Electronic Billing/EDI claims
  • Multiple open windows
  • Multiple provider views
  • Electronic eligibility verification
  • Take Copays at check-in
  • Make appt. in 10 seconds
  • Appointment reminder calls
  • ERAs (Electronic Payments)
  • Custom screens
  • Day/Week/Month views
  • ID card scanning/viewing
  • Take payments at check-in
  • Messaging system
  • eStatements
  • Intuitive easy-to-use design
  • Drag & drop rescheduling
  • Credit card processing
  • eSignature pad
  • eFaxing in-box
  • Patient pictures
  • Fast denial reports

For more information about our AcutePro Services, call 1-732-414-3678 and speak to one of our experts.