Tele Tele-Medicine

Telemedicine Services

Promantra runs full-scale Telemedicine service programs for Healthcare providers like Hospitals, Clinics and also individual patients using the most advanced video conferencing and medical device technologies available today. Our large network of Nurses and Physicians act as an extended network to the already existing healthcare professionals in your healthcare unit. We have a team of healthcare professional that work from our vast network of Tele-Health Hubs spread across various states helping patients receive quality care from the comfort of their home regardless of the location.

We provide physicians from our Network through our Tele-Health Hub and work to connect the already existing physicians in your network. Post virtual (Tele) examination of the patient, our team also identifies if any physical visit is required. If a physical visit is required at the hospital, our system adds the patient appointment and pushes it to the Hospital Scheduling Platform.

So here's how our Telemedicine works:

When a patient calls in (Voice Call/ Video Call), a registered nurse answers the call and does preliminary information gathering to identify the cause of illness and suggests necessary precautions to be taken. The Nurse will help you decide whether to handle the problem by yourself, visit a doctor or go to hospital emergency room. Our healthcare staff does not prescribe any medicine without proper tests being administered. Patients get consistent care no matter from where and how they make contact.

The Benefits of Telemedicine:

The results of this is a direct impact on profits and most importantly patient stickiness.

For more information about our Telemedicine Services, call 1-732-414-3678 and speak to one of our experts.