TeleRadiology Services

Promantra Inc. has a robust team encompassing highly skilled and certified radiologists and has been providing cutting edge diagnostic teleradiology solutions to global customers. We have people with over 7 years of experience heading the operations. The average team members experience is 4 years.

Our comprehensive solutions provide better compliance at lower costs, enabling our clients to focus on their core business that is, providing better Health Care. By Partnering with Promantra for Teleradiology, you no longer have to hunt for nighthawk radiologists, worry about the overflow during day time, relieve nighthawk radiologists or find coverage for a radiologist on a holiday.

With Promantra Teleradiology services you can get access to preliminary and final reports on a 24x7x365 basis.

Preliminary Reporting Services:

If you are a radiologist group, with your own panel of board certified radiologist, Envision expanding your performance in terms of the volume of cases you handle per day or the revenue you generate, Promantra can provide preliminary reporting services where a junior radiologist does the initial reporting and a senior MD radiologist reviews and sends it back to your radiology panel for a final sign-off. These reports will be as per the format you require and will be absolutely reliable.

Certified Reporting Services:

We offer a 2-phase Certified Reporting Service. Phase-1 where the image is read by two Indian MD certified radiologists and the case is reported in the required format. In Phase-2 the report is finally read by the Board Certified Radiologist for a final sign-off. The final report is provided to you either in your hospital or diagnostic centre's letterhead or our Board Certified radiologist’s. These reports go through three stages of quality assurance.

Why Promantra

Faster Turn Around Time: Our experienced radiologists can provide expertise preliminary reporting services within a quick turnaround time of less than 20 minutes. We will then upload the reports on a secure FTP. The physicians at your hospital can access the report online and complete the final review of the report.

Quality: At Promantra, we employ only exceptional radiologists who are competent, proficient and experienced in providing high-quality teleradiology services. We ensure quality assurance at each step of our process, thereby making sure that you receive the best of services.

Security and Confidentially: At Promantra, we employ only the very best in radiology technology. We have a secure virtual private network. PACS data is sent only on our secure VPN. Our network, technology and infrastructure ensure total security, consistency and confidentiality of the scans that you send to Promantra.

24x7x365 Customer Support: We provide 24x7x365 days customer support services for our customers. Our customer care executives are available 24 hours to provide helpdesk and support services. Customers can check the status of a report in real-time and can access billing, usage summaries, tracking and other project related information online. Our customer care executives are also available to answer queries and to provide information.

Flexible Workload Management: Promantra Teleradiology gives you the flexibility to use the service as and when you require it. During busy periods where there is an unexpected influx of workload expert teleradiology can provide additional interpreting capacity to manage any extra work to help hospitals clear backlogs and keep up-to-date, and it can do this to the highest clinical standard, using experienced Radiologists. This helps ensure hospitals bridge any reporting gaps to maintain high levels of patient care and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Nighthawk Services: We provide nighthawk services with turnaround times averaging 25 minutes from receiving the complete set of images and relevant clinical information. Our nighthawk teleradiology services include MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-rays and studies related to Nuclear Medicine, including PET.

Capability on Multiple Modalities: Our Medical Imaging team includes experienced radiologists interpreting and composing detailed reports for the following:

Cost Benefits: Teleradiology provides a value for money offering which delivers cost savings to you. Our analyses show that compared to employing full time radiologists, annually the cost of teleradiology to a hospital or a radiology center is up to 50% less.

For more information about our Teleradiology Services, call 1-732-414-3678 and speak to one of our experts.