Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

In today's scenario, Remote Patient Monitoring is becoming increasingly significant in order to decrease cost and improve patient health. There are distinct advantages for a Healthcare Provider to provide Remote Patient Monitoring Software for their patients. This includes, ensuring the patient's health condition is improving by constantly monitoring the patient. The patient can be at the comfort of his home and the hospital staff can monitor the patient health condition through connected devices where the vitals automatically flow in into RPMPro.

RPMPro - Remote Patient Monitoring Software:

RPMPro today is able to integrate and talk to various remote monitoring devices that are available in the market. Most significantly, this is not only useful for the hospitals, but also for the Long Term Care facilities where the residents are usually over 55 years of age and needs constant and a more real time monitoring.

RPMPro offers a full range of Remote Patient Monitoring Software features using sophisticated technologies that collects patient data on a real time basis. This data can be monitored by your hospital staff or our in-house team of Skilled Doctors who would alert the patient, the near and dear family member or the connected hospital in case of deviation in patient's vitals. This enables timely treatment and this could avoid a much worse situation.

What are the Possibilities?

The possibilities of use of different types of Remote Monitoring Devices is seemingly endless. The growing adoption of mobile technologies, smartphones and WIFI powered medical devices that monitors basic vitals have empowered to gain a valuable insight on real-time health of at-risk or chronic patients. By analyzing the collected data, healthcare providers can minimize the re-admission costs and improve clinical outcomes. Below is an indicative list of data that can be collected through RPMPro Software.

Benefits of RPMPro:

Why is RPMPro so important?

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